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Seawind Quick Build Kit


Seawind Build Kit

$50,000.00 USD

This rare brand new Seawind Quick Build Kit, untouched and “in-the-box”is offered for sale. Always stored in a clean, heated, dry environment, this kit is the Quick Build Version, so has may components already assembled by the factory. A complete inventory and Bill of Materials shows everything is present and accounted for. It is just like the day it lift the factory.

The Seawind Kit was bought some years ago by a busy professional with a young family…no time to build. Now the kids are gone and it’s time to retire, and the owner still has no time since he has taken up Lake Buccaneer flying since. Having to choose between fishing in the back-country or building his “dream machine” it has been a long and difficult struggle but the fishing won out in the end.

If you are a serious builder looking for a virgin Seawind Quick Build Kit, this is your airplane-in-a-box! Get building now so that you can get flying this sleek, amphibious speedster soon!

Bargain priced at $ 50,000.00 USD

( This kit is listed $ 80,000.00 USD several years ago at the factory)

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