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1973 Cessna 177B Cardinal C-FZAE


1973 Cessna 177B Cardinal C-FZAE

$130,000 USD

Year: 1973

Import: April 12, 2000

Basic Empty Weight: 1596.46 lbs

Useful Load: 903.51 lbs

Model: 177B Cardinal

Serial: 177-01924

Registration: C-FZAE

Annual Inspection: Current, November 3, 2023 at Brantford Flight Centre

Airframe Total Time Since New: 3490.5 hrs (Subject to change from flying)

Engine: Lycoming O-360 A1-FGD 180 Hp, 1.2 hrs SMOH by ProAero August 4, 2023

A beautifully easy-starting, remarkably smooth-running engine, as is typical of ProAero overhauls.

Professional Engine Break-in Procedure by Test Pilot Paul Briggs. A clean break-in was achieved with the engine showing no oil leaks, exhaust tracking or consumption. This bodes well for a long and happy engine life.

Propeller: McCauley B2D34C208 Constant Speed

18 hrs SOH (Subject to change from flying)

Zero Time Overhaul Feb 13, 2023 by Hope Aero

Next Due: February 13, 2033

Options and Features:

Annual Inspection Completed: Nov 03, 2023, 200 Hour Inspection i.a.w. CAR 625, Appendix B and C.


Colour Matching Wheel Pants on all three wheels.

New Windshield Oct 19, 2007 (All plexiglass in this aircraft is in very good condition, clear, bright and not scratched)

New Seat Stops Dec 15, 2009

PowerFlow Exhaust and Heat Fairing Oct 23, 2011. Significantly adds to power output and engine cooling, especially in hot weather or on long climbs.

Challenger Air Filter Oct 23, 2011.

Dual Front Seat Shoulder Harness with GOOD METAL CEILING CLIPS, not Kydex plastic junk that cracks and falls off. (See the photo!)

Full Rear Seat with new dual lap belts (Black).

Taxi Lights


Classic Six Pack Flight Instruments

King Intercom

King KX-170B VHF / VOR Radios. Note that NAV 1 is U/S)

King KT76A Transponder, Mode C with fresh 24 month Transponder / Altimetry Check. Next Due: November 2025

Garmin 295 on Yoke Mount

Century IIB Autopilot, Tracks Heading Bug (Note VOR NAV Tacking is U/S)

JPI Engine Monitor


Burgundy and Grey on White, easy 8 out of 10.

Sheet Metal is very good and solid on this aircraft. Any and all corrosion has been actively addressed and rectified. (Make no mistake, all aluminum aircraft have some corrosion. It is how it is addressed and prevented that counts.)

Graphics are excellent

Plexiglass is very good and edges have been freshly re-sealed with PRC / ProSeal to keep them waterproof.


Burgundy and Grey Velour, very well kept and clean, 8 out of 10

Carpet is matching Burgundy, very well kept and clean, 8 out of 10

Interior plastics are either original in remarkably good condition or have been recently replaced with new.

Headliner is excellent and the “eyeball ventilators” work!


Consistently well maintained and upgraded, particularly this last Annual Inspection by Brantford Flight Centre in November 3, 2023. No expense spared. If it needed it, it got it!

Some examples from the most current Annual inspection;

a) New Seatbelt Webbing (Black)

b) New Aircraft Battery, Gill G35

c) New Prop Control Cable

d) New Mixture Control Cable

e) Airframe anti-corrosion treatment with Corrosion X


All AD’s and MSB’s are current at the time of the most recent Annual Inspection in November 3, 2023.

The very important Wing Carry-Through Inspection was completed November 3, 2023. This aircraft came through clean and clear with no concerns about corrosion in this critical area.

Damage History:

Hard Landing at 2730 hrs TTSN, with repair, including firewall and new nose wheel assembly, by XU Aviation, Midland (now London, ON). Returned-to-Service January 20, 2003.


Hand Tow Bar


This highly desirable 180 hp B Model 177 Cardinal is a low-time airframe with a freshly overhauled 180 hp engine and McCauley propeller. It cruises easily and comfortably at about 123 knots IAS at a very modest fuel flow of about 9.4 gph. This makes it a superb, comfortable cross-country cruiser at an affordable fuel burn. It also has a good-sized and very useful Cargo Area behind the rear seat, accessed by a locking Cargo Door. This makes it practical for travel because baggage and gear can easily be accommodated and accessed while staying comfortably within Weight & Balance.

Cardinals are the undisputed “ease of entry and exit” leaders in the entire General Aviation fleet, thanks to their huge cabin doors that hinge almost 90 degrees. Cardinals also sit low and have a handy step so it is easy to get in and out of the seats. And, those seats are on very long seatrails so they can be pushed away back to open the cabin up for entry and exit. It is one of the smartest designs ever to come from Cessna’s GA engineers. Cardinals are great for anybody who has any mobility restriction such as stiff knees or hips.

This aircraft has been owned by careful owners who have looked after it well and spent money wisely on both maintenance and upgrades, like the Engine Monitor System (EMS). It is definitely not a maintenance “Corner Cutter Queen”, like so many we see.

This Cardinal has been kept clean inside and out, with pride of ownership clearly evident.

With a stabilator tail, like many Piper’s, the Cardinal is a little different to fly than a mushy Cessna 172. A small amount of Pilot Training for newcomers to the Cardinal line is time and money well spent. Expert Training is available, but not included in the sale.

If you are looking for a clean, comfortable, no worries cross country cruising aircraft, you can’t beat this lovely low-time Cardinal with its freshly overhauled engine and prop. It is a good investment in safe, fun travel with a superb view and a nice ride.

Where are you planning to travel in C-FZAE?

Let’s talk about how you can enjoy flying this gorgeous turn-key / fly-away Cessna 177B Cardinal!


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