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1960 Cessna 180C Horton STOL Floatplane


1960 Cessna 180C Horton STOL Floatplane

REDUCED! $190,000 CDN

Year: 1960

Make: Cessna

Model: 180C

Serial: 50814

Registration: C-FPMM

Total Time: 2650 hrs

Engine: Continental O-470-L

Engine SMOH: 215 hrs by Aviation Technical Consultants (ATC), Orillia, ON, May 21, 2015

Engine Motostats at May 26, 2023 Annual Inspection: 76 / 76 / 72 / 74 / 72 / 74

Propeller: McCauley 2A34C203-C Two Blade Seaplane Propeller. Nothing beats this “old school” two blade prop for take-off and cruise performance!

Propeller SMOH: 215 hrs by Aviation BL Ltee, St. Mathias, Quebec January 28, 2015.

Propeller Dynamically Balanced by Wilkinson Aviation, May 23, 2018.


Annual Inspection Completed: May 26, 2023


1) Complete Horton STOL Kit including Wing Fences and Leading Edge Cuffs. Take-off and Landings are noticeably easier and safer than stock aircraft.

2) Monarch Fibreglass Main Fuel Tanks, 27 USG each.

3) Monarch Aft Auxiliary Fuel Tank, 18 USG. Instrument Panel switch allows transfer to Left Main Tank only during level flight operations.

4) Total Fuel Capacity is 72 USG. (Average burn rate at 23″ / 2300 rpm is about 14.5 USG per hour = 4.9 hours duration to empty.)

5) Piper style Pilot Side 12 Volt Battery Booster Plug.

6) Medico High Security Door Locks.


EDO 2870 Straight Floats in excellent condition, tight, bottoms good, water rudder hinges tight, cables good.

Painted to colour match the aircraft.

Note: There are no wheels for this aircraft. It is a straight floatplane and has been for decades.. Wheels may be available for it from aviation suppliers or other sources.


May 1998, Strip and Paint by Sky Harbour, Goderich, Ontario

Colours: Royal Blue and Burgundy on Cream

Condition: 7.5 / 10

Complete aircraft and floats were professionally polished in June 2023 by New Hope Aero


June 1998, New AirTex Headliner and Carpet Installed

Condition: 7.5 /10 Clean and interior smells good, not musty. Some wear on door armrests and front seat fabric.


1) King KY97A TSO Comm / Nav

2) King KT76 TSO Transponder with Mode C

3) King ADF 140 TSO

4) NAT Intervox Intercom

5) Garmin GPS 296

6) GEM Insight Engine Monitor

7) Electronics International Fuel Computer

8) Visual Instruments Inc. Graphic Voltage Meter

9) Cessna Clock. It actually works and is accurate!


Journey logbooks back to Import.

Well and thoroughly documented workmanship.

Registration Status:

The aircraft is Owned by an Ontario Limited Company, which can be transferred to a qualified Canadian Buyer if they so desire, thus saving the tax. In practical terms, the corporation and its shares are being purchased, with the aircraft being the sole asset of the corporation. It has been registered in this fashion for more than three decades.

Others may not require, desire or qualify by jurisdiction for the above corporate transaction, so it may also be bought outright, having the requisite tax implications for the Buyer.


This lovely low time Cessna 180C is a light, straight airframe that gets out of the hole quickly, climbs very well at Gross Weight and flies like a dream. It is truly a “hands off, feet of the floor” aircraft. Because it is so well rigged, it is also fast!

It is running a very low time engine and prop that are easy to start, make excellent power and are a very smooth combination. This is one of the smoothest 180’s ever flown.

As a straight float aircraft it is important to note that it is properly Inhibited and stored for winter. This is a great protection for the engine, battery and other systems.

C-FPMM has been owned the last thirty or so years by only two parties who have taken excellent care of it and who have spent lots of money on maintenance.

If you need a really good, solid, fast, load hauler that is pretty and the pure essence of float flying, C-FPMM is the airplane for you! You can buy a newer one, but you can’t beat the raw performance and load hauling of these older, lighter 180’s!


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