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TP-51 Mustang



Fighter Escort Wings (F.E.W.), 2000

NEW PRICE! $150,000 USD

This outstanding 66% Scale Experimental category kit was purchased from F.E.W. in about 1996.  It was professionally built by Orega Designs, a high quality aircraft composite shop, and then transferred to Lake Central Air Services for completion to the highest standard. Lake Central has maintained this aircraft without exception.  It is an outstanding, very meticulous kit design and has been constructed in detail to match the actual P-51 Mustangs flown by the RCAF during WW II and into the 1960’s Cold War era.  The panel and controls are as authentic to the real aircraft as possible.

This Mustang has incredible acceleration and climb. The look and sound stops observers in their tracks.  Aloft, it handles like a dream, exceptionally responsive and well-balanced in all axes.  It is remarkably easy to land as it flies like the “real thing” with its tail low for touch-down.  While cruising, speed is a function of power applied!  With Vne at 340 mph, a great deal of fun can be had maneuvering on-high and waiting to pounce on unsuspecting bogies below!  Exceptionally few aircraft can out-run this Mustang!

Owned and flown by a professional Test Pilot, (who is only the second owner) this unique and pure adrenalin flying replica is a testament to the real P-51’s and those who built, flew and maintained them.

If you are already an accomplished high-performance tail-dragger pilot ready for some serious flying fun on a fraction of the cost of the real thing, then this Mustang is for you!  Over $1050,000 has been spent to build and refine this Mustang.  It is selling for a small fraction of that figure. For those of a certain age and station in life who want to actually fly, rather than spend years building, this is the way to go.

Reason for Selling:  Owner has too many aircraft and pilot shortage means that he is too busy flying for others to fly his own.  This Mustang is simply not flying enough. It is just away too nice not to fly.  It needs a home where it will get more flying and be seen and enjoyed by more people.

Serious and qualified enquiries only please.  Without exception, an appointment is required to see this aircraft. Come with clean hands and no metal zippers or you won’t get near it!


Fighter Escort Wings (F.E.W.)


74.8 Total Time Since New

Custom Chevrolet ZZ3 (LS1)
378 hp minimum

53.8 Since Major Overhaul, March 2018

MT Four Blade, 88″

New, March 2018

2400 lbs

1970 lbs

430 lbs (Typically a 180 lb Pilot plus 42 gallons of AVGAS)

NEW UAvionics Digital Attitude Indicator
NEW Garrecht Compact Digital Transponder, Mode A/C
Becker Digital Comm
EDM-700 Engine Monitor
Lambda Gauge
G Meter
Canadian Airmotive EBC-102A 121.5 ELT

A) Professional Technical Training is available to Purchaser and Ground Crew. This is essential to understanding the systems and the required maintenance. This is a High Performance Aircraft that needs to be maintained by people who understand it and how to keep it in its very high state of Airworthiness.

B) Pilot Training is available to those requiring it for safety and insurance. As this is a single seat aircraft, all training is Ground Based.

This TP-51 Mustang is a simple, honest aircraft to fly. It is neither difficult to fly, nor does it have any bad habits or surprises. One should not be intimidated by this aircraft because it flies better, faster and handles more predictably and responsively than about 95% of aircraft out there! Once you have flown it, you very quickly realize why the Mustang swung the balance of air superiority and turned the tide in every theatre during the air wars of WW II.

is almost as simple as your car; Battery ON, Ignition Switch ON (SDS Electronic Ignition is a Godsend!), Mixture RICH, Throttle CRACKED, Boost Pump ON and Starter ENGAGED. It rolls a few blades, then lights up every time! That growl turns heads every time!

is easy and there is not much to check. It taxis very well and mostly ignores the wind because it is so solid and has a high wing loading. In this respect, it is not like almost all other taildraggers. It will handle some serious crosswind, which is what we have about 80% of the time at Muskoka with only a North-South runway and prevailing Westerly wind!

For , this Mustang has PLENTY of torque, so you have to be firm and quick on the rudder when adding power to that big MT Four Blade Prop, but it is easily handled by slow, smooth application of power on the ground. Acceleration is quick but she tracks easily and predictably. The Take-off rolls is short, sweet and then you’re off and climbing at 75, transitioning to 115.  At a safe altitude, the gear comes up.   It cycles up in about twelve seconds max and is down and locked in about ten to twelve seconds. The landing gear system is rugged and reliable, just like the real Mustangs.

, it handles like an absolute dream, climbing like a homesick Angel and always with that tremendous “Growl from under the Cowl”. It can be leaned very quickly and effectively using the Lambda gauge for best economy or power, as you wish.

The is easy; Gear DOWN approaching the circuit,  Downwind at 115, Base at 110, Long Final at 100, Short Final at 85 bleeding back to the flare close to the deck.

are remarkably easy because it lands exactly like the real thing; Set Max Flap, cross the threshold at 85, fly it smoothly down to the deck and just hold a tail low attitude until you touch on the mains, check stick aft when it goes three point for the roll-out. Fully aft stick locks the tailwheel straight, fully forward stick unlocks the tailwheel and allows full castoring and steering by brakes, just as North American Aircraft designed its fighter. The ride is firm and handling is very positive.

9.5 /10,  Excellent Composite Structure

9.5 /10, 2000 with updates, RCAF Colours, Base Silver

9.5 /10,  Black vinyl, Aerobatic wide four-point harness

9.5/10, Clear Canopy, Outstanding visibility

Cam-Drive 500 PSRU with hardened and polished gears
12 Port Exhaust Logs (Yes, you can see the flames!)
Chip Detector and Warning Light for PSRU
High Capacity Saldana Racing Tank for PSRU
Racing Crankshaft (fileted and polished)
Roller Cam
SDS Electronic Ignition
High Comp Pistons with low-drag rings.
Stainless Valves
Concorde RG35 AXC Battery (Main) with Auxiliary (Back-up)
Inverted Fuel with floppy pick-ups
Runs on 91 or 94 Octane Auto Fuel, though it can be run on AVGAS or a mix of AVGAS and auto fuel. Capacity is 51 U.S. Gallons


Many spares
Tow Bar for tug or tractor
Ground Handling Bar for tail
Pilot Operating Handbook
Inverted Oil System (not installed)
2 X Battery Maintainers on a sandwich board for easy, routine use.
Rear Seat Provisions including equipment and instruments
Custom yellow corded chocks with Registration in black letters
More than 20 years worth of build photos and documents, right back to the beginning.


Aircraft has been damaged three times.

1) The first was a towing accident in April 2001 at 7.2 hours TT coming from the paint shop with the gear selector accidentally in the UP position.  The gear collapsed and it was repaired and returned to service in October 2001.

2) The second was a slow-speed ground loop in August of 2002 at 17.1 hours TT, caused by pilot error. Excessive brake use led to lining failure followed by loss of control while taxing.  The gear collapsed and it was repaired in July of 2006, but not flown until August of 2009.

3) The third was a catastrophic failure of the original Cam-Fire PSRU with non-hardened gears.  This occurred in August of 2017, at 22.9 hours TT, resulting in damage to the engine, prop and many components affected by circulated metal particles.  The aircraft was completely repaired and Returned-to-Service in August 2018.


From New. Maintained on standard Certified Logbooks (Journey, and Technical with Airframe, Engine, Prop, Mods.)   This aircraft has exceptional documentation from the beginning to present.  There are no surprises and nothing hidden.

The aircraft is fully insured by a Broker who has insured it for several years, an Underwriter who knows the aircraft and an Insurance Company who will write this aircraft and this category of aircraft. Assistance with Insurance for the Purchaser is available through Training Available listed above.

This Mustang is very simply a “Flip the Switches and Go Flying” aircraft. It is continually Airworthy, fueled and ready to launch. A huge amount of time, money and professional expertise has been invested to prevent it from being a “Tinker Trap of Time”, which many high-performance Experimental Category aircraft are. Others seem to always need tweaking and the addition of time and more money that could better be spent flying! Never knowing what it is going to need next takes the fun and enjoyment out of owning a beautiful flying machine like this Mustang. This aircraft enjoys Dispatch Reliability that is virtually 100% since being re-built in 2017-2018. We have never had to stand down a flight for technical issues. My time is, and always has been, very short for giving this Mustang and myself a work-out. When I want to fly and enjoy my Mustang, I don’t want any excuses or tinkering. It has never disappointed in that regard, with credit going to our exceptional DOMM and AME’s who are relentless in their pursuit of excellence. As a professional Test Pilot, I personally never work on any aircraft that I fly, this is the responsibility of professionals whose undivided focus is maintaining this Mustang to what would have been referred to in the day as 100% Combat Readiness.

Money alone will not buy this Mustang. You need to be the right person with the right attitude and the right skills. Most important is the attitude and the desire to steward this aircraft forward. Having a highly skilled and experienced crew or team to assist would be a major asset, whether they be professionally designated or simply highly experienced. There are some very talented and knowledgeable people in the Experimental Aircraft world, and this Mustang would only be entrusted to people of that caliber. Equally important, is the personality of the Purchaser who will enable the public to learn the history and benefit from their stewardship going forward. This Mustang was built as a tribute to those who designed, built, maintained and flew them to keep the Cradle of Democracy free. So shall she remain.


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