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1989 Lake LA-270 Turbo Renegade


1989 Lake LA-270 Turbo Renegade, Serial #100, C-GCXG

$350,000 USD

World Altitude Record Holder

Airframe: 1158 TTSN

Serial: #100

Fuel:  40 US Main / 17 US per wing / 7 US per sponson / 88 Total

Useful Load: 824.4 lbs

Annual Inspection:  Current, May 31, 2022 by Lake Central

MSI 26 Import complete May 31, 2022

Engine: Lycoming TIO-540AA-1AD, Turbocharged, 270 Plus, Plus hp.  1158 SN

NEW Challenger Permanent Oil Filter STC Oct 28, 2022

Prop: Hartzell HC-E3YR-1RLF  Three Blade, Q-Tip,  90.6 SMOH

Interior: Original, Colour-Matched Leather and Fabric, Grey and Blue, 4 Seats, Very Good

Paint: Original, Very Good, Always Hangared

Professional Polish by New Hope Aero October 2022

Windshields:  Excellent

Battery: NEW Concorde RG25AXG May 31, 2022

Pitot / Static, Altimetry 24 Month Checks: May 31, 2022

Cabin Heater: Janitrol, Combustion Decay AD04-21-05  Completed May 31, 2022



1) Garmin G5 PFD

2) King Audio Panel

3) King KX155 NAV / COMM

4) King  VHF COMM

5) King VOR NAV

6) King KLN 90 RNAV u/s

7) King KGC200 Autopilot

8) King Digital Transponder w/ Uavionics ADS-B Tail Beacon

9) EBC 121.5 ELT, Batteries Due, July 2023



1) Whelen Strobes

2) Engine Cover

3) Canopy Cover

4) Paddles

5) Ropes

6) LCAS Dual Chrome Bow Cleats for 1/2″ marine braid rope

7) LCAS Bow Mooring Ring

8) LCAS Multi-Point Cargo Ring System

9) Right Hand Sponson Mirror

10) DeWalt Power Tow



C-GCXG is possibly the lowest time Turbo 270 in the world.  It has enjoyed the very best of care under the very few Owners that it has had.  Always stored in a heated hangar, waxed and polished frequently, CXG shows like a new airplane.

This Turbo 270 is for the discerning pilot who wants the extra power and astounding climb capability produced by this super reliable Lycoming TIO-540 AA-1AD engine.  Unlike many turbocharged airplanes, the massive turbo system on this engine was designed for it, not added to it later.  As a result, power output is nothing short of breathtaking.  The “270” moniker is not even close to the power output of these engines.  They fly like they are boosting 330 hp, which is probably a much more realistic assessment of their performance. This accounts for why this particular Turbo 270 holds the World Altitude Record for this Class of aircraft.  It is not surprising that Turbo 270’s are known for radically outperforming any and all conventional piston-engine floatplanes. Pick a performance  parameter and CXG will beat any 180 / 182 / 185 / 206 or any of their turbo variants hands down, every time. This airplane also makes conventional amphib floatplanes look very top heavy in both physical stability and price-point.

While many highly turbocharged engines have a short, painful and expensive life, these TIO-540 engines run cool, their turbos run cool and they have two massive oil coolers, so it is very common for them to go to, or even past, their 2000 hr TBO.  Lake Central has a great deal of experience with the maintenance of the 270 Turbo engine and airframe and we find them to be an outstanding performer that are not difficult to care for.  The systems are logical and built along the same common lines as the rest of the Lake Aircraft fleet.  The recent addition of the new Challenger Permanent Oil Filter STC can only add to engine life thanks to its extremely fine filtering capacity and the ease with which it can be checked and cleaned.  That the filter now also acts as an efficient spun aluminum oil cooler is an added bonus.

Pilots who have flown the Turbo 270 love how solid they feel both in the air and on the water.  The longer Renegade hull means that they can handle rougher water more easily and that the ride over that water is always smoother.  With a spacious cabin and ample baggage area, Turbo 270’s make an outstanding long-range travelling aircraft for heading into the North Country, across our great land, or to the islands to escape winter!  The King KFC 200 Autopilot in CXG works flawlessly, making long-range journey’s easy and relaxing.

Mandatory Training for all Lake Aircraft is the 25 hour industry standard Lake Amphibian Pilot Training Program  (LAPTP) which is a proprietary programme developed and delivered by Lake Central Air Services. Completion of the LAPTP ensures that the pilot will be insurable both initially and going forward.

C-GCXG is a Turn Key / Go Flying safe, reliable airplane.  Not simply sold to anyone, CXG will be adopted-out to a new Owner on a very selective basis.  Turbo 270’s are rare gems that need to be appreciated and cared-for by the right person or family who takes this stewardship seriously and who has the capacity to do so.

If you are ready to move to the top of the performance charts, and you have the capacity to do so, then it’s time that we talked seriously about your purchase of C-GCXG.


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