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1977 LAKE LA4-200


1977 LAKE LA4-200

$90,000.00 CDN.

Serial Number: 809

Most Recent Annual Inspection: September 1st, 2022 (Continuously Airworthy)

Airframe: 1868.5 TTSN

Engine: IO-360A1B,  1868.5 TTSN,  Absolutely dry engine, no oil leaks whatsoever thanks to meticulous and consistent attention to detail in maintenance and operation.  Oil consumption is less than 1 liter in 18 hours.

Prop: Hartzell, Wide Chord, Polished Spinner reduces drag and cavitation, adds speed and smoothness.124.0 SMOH in April 2016, Model: Hartzell HC-C2YK-1BLF (Wide Chord, best performance prop on a Buccaneer.)

Fuel Tank: 40 Gallon Main, Bladder excellent, Sender and gauge are accurate.

1) STC SA05-71- Horizontal Stabilizer Attach Fittings (Strengthens Horizontal Stabilizer, Permanently Removes AD Inspection and compliance).

2) STC SA93-92 / STC SA00009NY Wing Leading Edge Fairings (Enhances wingt lift by smoothing wing root airflow)

3) STA SA93-63 / STC SA00010NY LCAS Induction Air Scoop (Provides 1″ additional Manifold Pressure by improving induction air flow.)

4) Rear Seat Centre Belt Attachment Fittings (Removes original long single belt for both rear passengers, provides two rear seatbelts, one for each passenger)

Basic Empty Weight: 1772.5

Useful Load: 827.5

Canopy Hold Open Springs

Engine Cover

Canopy Cover

Control Locks



Old style wooden Fuel Dipstick (Easiest to see and use.)

Large Bow Cleat

Green Tinted Plexiglass, all in excellent condition

Southwind Heater (Quick to light, remarkable heat output, tested regularly in flight, even in summer, as they should be.)

Carpet is older but in good, clean condition. Floor boards are excellent beneath.

Interior is in very good condition. New, matching fabric seat panels have been installed.  Looks great and the fabric is very durable and suitable for a Lake. Seat foam is good and plentiful, and seats are very comfortable. Headliner is excellent as is the Heater Tunnel.

Rear Seat included, like new.

Shoulder Harness for front seats, double belts for rear.

Booster Strakes on the hull for added performance and strength, particularly in rough water.

Paint: A very solid 8 out of 10.  Appears to be two-part Imron from the factory, known as “The paint that weather can’t kill”.  Strong luster and plenty of film depth at installation. Present condition is also thanks to hangar storage.


Comm 1: Collins VHF 251 TSO

Nav 1: Collins 351 TSO

Comm 2: ICOM IC-210

ADF: Collins 650 TSO

Transponder: Collins TDR  450 TSO with Mode C,

24 Month Altimetry / Transponder Correlation Current and Valid.

4 Place Intercom

Below Floor Battery Mod. (Leaves cargo tunnel clear for loading)

NEW Ships battery August 2022

Pulse Light landing light.

New LCAS Aileron Control Rods for safety. (We are seeing lots of corroded ones these days…extremely dangerous…fatal if they fail in flight.)

LCAS H-Stab Strengthening STC

LCAS Wing Root Fairings STC.

All rubber excellent condition.

Unbelievably clean and straight airframe. Looks like new inside. Hull is very tight and straight.

Very Fast… an easy and consistent 125 mph at modest cruise power all day long burning about 9.3 gph. Rigged right, she flies hands-off, feet-on-floor.

Extra cabin ventilators on each side of cabin

One key fits both canopies and the ignition.  This is very rare and very handy!

Nicknamed Canadians For POT, (C-FPOT), is simply one of the best Buccaneers we have seen since we were able to get brand new ones from the factory.  It defines the term “Good Bones”.  You can do anything you want with an airplane that has good bones, but no amount of money will ever make right any aircraft whose “bones” have been compromised by corrosion, damage history, poor maintenance or owner neglect.  There is no free lunch when purchasing any aircraft, but good bones are certainly where to start  in order to be assured of predictable, trouble-free ownership ahead.  Many are those who can tell stories of a Lake  “bargain” that turned into an expensive nightmare project spanning months or years, and even then was never right.  Buy right, fly right, from the start!

POT has been owned for many years by two different, very meticulous pilots who chose to spare not one penny on maintenance. The aircraft lived in the “Canadian Desert” in BC so there was simply no corrosion.  It was maintained by a distinguished shop for many years, who did an outstanding job of upholding Lake Standards and adhering to Lake Aircraft best maintenance practices.  We rarely see a Lake so well and properly maintained outside of our shop. Lake Central did the last Annual Inspection and every single item that we found, regardless of how small, was made absolutely right. Orders were to make it perfect, so we did!

At Annual, we went through this engine with a fine-tooth comb.  It is simply remarkable in its dryness (i.e. no oil leaks), compressions, spark plug condition, and internal condition.  Borescoping each cylinder revealed the presence of strong cross-hatching, thanks to the continual use of Phillips 20W50 X/C oil, a dry BC climate and professional operation of the engine. Valves and valve seats were virtually perfect.  This engine looks and runs like a new one, and will continue running smooth and strong for many years ahead. The bogus concept of TBO should not be allowed to diminish the factual physical properties of this engine, as it will run smoothly and strong a very long time after the failed concept of TBO finally hits the bottom of the trash can where it belongs. Serious owners and pilots today do their homework and don’t get sucked into being manipulated for profit by the engine manufacturers who can somehow never explain or justify how they establish TBO…because it is a fallacy designed to generate sales and revenue for the very companies who establish their own TBO!  That’s a lot like leaving the fox in charge of the henhouse, only a lot more profitable for them!  Read some of Mike Busch’s writings like Manifesto and join the modern age of piston engine maintenance!

A delight to fly, POT blasts out of the water in 13 seconds easily, climbs like a homesick angel, and cruises faster and smoother than the vast majority of Buccaneers ever built.  This is a Buc with which to go the distance in the years ahead.

If you are ready to start living the Lake Lifestyle while flying a top-shelf LA-4-200 Buccaneer, don’t let POT get away on you because there isn’t another one like her!


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