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1972 LAKE LA4-200

$75,000.00. CDN

AirframeTTSN:  3155.1 hrs
Engine SMOH: 1743.9
Prop: 90.4 hrs / Sept. 2010
24 Month Calendar Items: Sept 2018
Annual Date: Oct. 02, 2019
Note: LCAS has performed the last two Annuals in 2018 and 2019.

Ahoy, mates! The distinctive Buccaneer paint scheme on BOQ speaks of an aircraft that has travelled far and wide, seen many sights, faced many perils…and lived to fly another day. All of this is true!

She was built as a serious travelling machine for long hauls into the remote wilderness, and that is how she has been flown by her dedicated swashbuckling pilot, exploring the vast North of Canada as far as the land of the Inuit. Here are the features that set her apart as THE machine for those who want to get completely “off grid”;

1) RayJay STC’d Selectable On-Demand Turbo. This is real turbo power for hot, heavy and high operations without the weight and maintenance problems and fuel consumption of full-time turbocharging. Once you’ve tried this system, there is no going back to normally aspirated! This is a $40K U.S. option…if you can get them.

2) Cargo Door STC: A fantastic, very practical option for loading and unloading people and gear from the rear of the aircraft. Simply indispensable for airplane camping or hauling bulky stuff…like a moose! This was an $8,000 U.S. option, but there are no more factory parts to build them. Any moose will appreciate the larger opening!

3) LCAS Batwings STC: Serious lift for blowing yourself “out of the hole” on take-off and shortening your water run. Saves your prop from spray damage too.

4) LCAS Wing Root Fairings STC: They don’t look like much, but Elton Townsend, our Founder, knew exactly what he was doing when he designed them! These innocuous fairings are tremendously effective is smoothing airflow at the critical root intersection. Don’t let their small size fool you, these fairings make a huge improvement in performance.

5) LCAS Horizontal Stabilizer STC: A true “must have” safety feature for durability and ruggedness. It permanently ends the Tail AD Inspection too, saving maintenance costs.

6) Long Range Fuel: Forty (40) gallons in the Main Tank and seven (7) in each Sponson Tank, provides 54 gallons total. That takes you a long way into the North Country, and brings you home without refuelling.

7) Full Set of High Quality Covers, (Engine, Canopy, Wings): Protects the airplane against cold and frost as well as UV, dirt and other elements.

8) Dual In-Floor Storage Hatches: You don’t see these very often! A smart place right under the front seats to store things that is otherwise dead space.

9) Full Set of Control Locks: Prevents wind and gust damage. Keeps the airplane safe and helps reduce maintenance costs from “control slam” damage.

10) Portable Oxygen: If you have a Turbo, go higher and faster on less fuel while sipping oxygen above 10,000 feet.

11) No Carpets: Carpets collect sand, dirt and water which add weight. BOQ has a utility rubber decking that looks great and serves well. Easy to clean, gets the “dead weight dirt” out.

12) Basic Interior: Comfortable, light but not extravagant. When you have to choose between the dead weight of upholstery or extra fuel, experienced backcountry pilots always choose fuel. Pretty is nice, but it won’t bring you home.

13) Big Janitrol Cabin Heater: This is Canada…we need heat and defrost about 11 months of the year! Of course it has the big heater!

14) Fly-Away Kit: BOQ is ready to turn-key and go flying…everything you need is included; fuel tester, tool kit, paddles, survival gear. Gas and go!

This is your year to break out and explore the world in your new Turbo Buccaneer! While others are thinking about it, you will be the Captain of your own destiny, seeking adventure where it may be found by air and sea!

Life begins when you seize the opportunity to be free to roam!

Stop stalling, start calling! Time waits for no Buccaneer!


Avionics: Garmin 300xl TSO IFR moving map GPS, Repeater light for GPS vs VOR navigation, MS25041-, King KX 155 Nav Com, King KI 209 Glideslope, King KR 85 ADF, King KI 255 Attitude Indicator, King KA Loop and Cable, Narco at 50 Transponder, EI Eletronics Fuel flow /pressure FP-5L

Features: Winter kit Including engine Pre-heat, Winter wing covers alt static, Rajay Turbo Charger system STC SA299OWE, Portable Oxygen – never used, 4 place intercom, 2 headsets,  Hobbs Metre, Wing Covers, fixed ELT

Canadian Registered $75,000.000 CDN  . Also available in U.S. registry

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