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1972 LAKE LA4-180


1972 LAKE LA4-180

$80,000.00 CDN.


1735 TTSN
One new cylinder in 2014.
No oil added in 12 hours of flying since Annual. Borescope’s clean and cylinders excellent.

Prop: 22 SMOH, 2014
Hartzell Wide Chord STC
(This prop recently installed. Best mod for radical performance increase on a 180. Faster than any 200.)

Annual: June 27, 2020 with recent additional work at LCAS.

Last LA-4-180 built.

Factory batwings.

Canopy struts w/ pip pins

Engine Cover

Canopy Cover

Control Locks

Southwind Heater and shroud ( not installed in years)

Freshly refinished plywood floors, best set we’ve seen.

New carpet kit, not installed.

Interior excellent


New King Comm Radio and Transponder

Fresh 24 month Pitot/ Static compliance.

Very water tight and proven

Super clean airframe due to dry prairie climate.

Fastest, straightest Buc on record @ 127 mph IAS

If you would like to do a Demo Flight,  there is a $250 cash only charge at time of flight for the Demo for costs including fuel.

The O-360A1A engine in AXG has got one new cylinder in 2014 due to a manufacturing flaw that resulted in a head crack.  She starts easily, runs like a top, very smooth, power output is amazing.  Filter pleats from the Annual were checked meticulously as was the oil …absolutely clean, no foreign materials or contaminants whatsoever.  This engine is a case-in-point about the flawed thinking behind the discredited TBO concept.  At 1735 hours, this engine runs better and has more power than many much newer engines because it has always been well-cared-for, operated properly, flown professionally and been inhibited when not being used over winters.  Arbitrary engine hours or calendar years are a bogus measure of the need to overhaul any engine.  How the engine operates, measured regularly and objectively, is the only way that makes sense.
If you haven’t been following Mike Busch, Savvy Aviator, and adhering to his advice about aero engines, you might want to read what he has been saying for a couple of decades now about this outrageous TBO nonsense propagated by the engine manufacturers.  It is nothing more than a self-serving liability dodge for them.  The military and airlines abandoned hard TBO in favor of On Condition maintenance 70 years ago.   Install a digital engine monitor and gather data on every minute the engine runs.  It’s the smartest money you can spend today.
AXG performed two 12 second take-offs at 85% of MGTOW at 33 C OAT on Friday, July 17, 2020.  Density Altitude was 3400′.  Normal ISA expectation is 15 seconds take-off run on an ISA day that is 18 degrees C cooler than when tested!  Power output is absolutely right on as is fuel flow.  The new Hartzell Wide Chord Prop turns this light airframe into a real performer.  No 200 hp Buc can catch it.  We would have no hesitation loading our family members into AXG and striking out for Labrador or Vancouver.  We won’t sell airplanes that won’t pass that acid test, end of story.  That’s why there are some other Lake’s out there for sale that we choose not to list or associate with.  For us, since we started in 1964, it has always been about safety first. Our clients are also our friends and become members of our Lake Family.
The current Owner spent a huge amount of money (over $60K) putting AXG back into service after about six years in storage. This includes a new King comm and Transponder.  It wants for nothing mechanically or interior. Hull is tight and in great condition.  All seven hull plugs are snug and bosses are just like new.  Paint has seen better days, but it is serviceable for some years to come if it is waxed and looked-after regularly.
40 Gallon Main Bladder tank is excellent and has been tested repeatedly at Full.  No bagging or sagging happening there!
AXG has “great bones”, solid power and is fast and comfortable to fly.  Whether commuting to and from the cottage or seeking adventure further afield, AXG provides excellent value and superb performance at a very modest price.
Call today to book your site visit and Demo in C-FAXG!  Great Buccaneers like this don’t last long!
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