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1972 Lake LA-4-200 C-GGWM


1972 Lake LA-4-200, Serial #507, C-GGWM

$80,000 CDN

Airframe:  2040.6 TTSN

Serial#: 507

Long Range Fuel: 40 US Main / 7 US each Sponson /  54 US Total

Straight Wing

Smooth Hull

Useful Load: 824.4 lbs

Annual Inspection: Current, September 21, 2022

Engine: Lycoming IO-360 A-1B  904.4 hrs  (Last Motostats 72 / 76 / 67 / 74)

Prop: Hartzell HC-C2YK- 1BLF Wide Chord,  83.6 hrs SMOH

Interior:  All Red fabric, Good condition, Headliner very good

Hooker Style Shoulder Harness, both front seats

Paint:  The finest work by Farmer Johns Brush and Roller Shop.  Lots of paint on it, aluminum is well protected, but looks a bit “unconventional”.  It is fully serviceable and flyable and has been like this for many years.

Sheet Metal: Outstanding!  Don’t let the paint fool you, this is one straight, clean, damage and patch free Buccaneer.  We rarely see sheet metal this consistently good.

Windshields:  Very good.  Covered when not flown.

Heater:  Southwind in RH side of nose.  This is a very favourable position for Weight and Balance.


1) NARCO CP126 TSO Audio Panel


3) NARCO Com 120 VHF COM


5) NARCO AT 150 TSO Transponder

6) NARCO 121.5 ELT with Panel Switch

7) Realistic AM/FM Cassette

8) Insight Strike Finder

9) Aero-Trim Rudder Trim

10)12 Volt Power Plug



1) Strobe Lights

2) Hooker Style Shoulder Harness for Front Seats

3) Single Rear Seat Belt

4) Rudder Trim

5) Canopy Gas Lift Struts

6) Canopy Cover

7) Fuel Dipstick

8) Paddle



C-GGWM is an excellent Buccaneer with a long maintenance history at Lake Central.  It has always been well cared-for and hangar stored.   It has not been flown much these last few years because the Owner lives abroad and simply does not get home to fly it as much as he had hoped.

This Buccaneer is a “sleeper”, in that it has all the good features, like long-range fuel, the best low-time Hartzell Wide Chord prop, outstanding sheet metal and less than mid-time engine.  While the paint is a bit gaudy, it is protecting the sheet metal and there are no signs of corrosion.  There is no reason that GWM could not be flown “as is” for many years to come.  It flies straight and true and sounds good when running.  It flew a lot of IFR for many years and could easily do so again.

There is a real opportunity here to get GWM actively flying again if you are seriously looking for a good, solid Buccaneer. You would not go wrong with GWM.

Note: Tire kickers and low-ballers will be embargoed.


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