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1970 Lake LA-4-200 Buccaneer C-GIUL


1970 Lake LA-4-200 Buccaneer C-GIUL

$118,000 CDN

Model Year: 1970

Model: LA-4-200 Buccaneer

Registration: C-GIUL

Serial Number: 452

Imported: 2001

Annual Inspection: August 16, 2022 at Lake Central

Airframe Total Time Since New: 3382.4 hrs

Engine: IO-360 A1-B 1784 hrs SMOH Starts and runs smoothly, normal oil consumption, stable and unchanged.

Propeller: Hartzell HC-C24K-1BLF Wide Chord (Best performance) 19.8 hrs SOH Zero Time Overhaul August 3, 2021 by Aviation BL, St Mathias QC Next Due: August , 2031

Basic Empty Weight: 1796lbs

Useful Load: 804 lbs

Options and Features:

1) Cabin Heater with Renegade Heater Cover, Works well! New Fuel Control Regulator.

2) Long Range Fuel, 54USG Total (40 USG in Main Tank, 7 USG each per Sponson Tank)

3) Hull Strakes for strength and rigidity

4) Micro VG Vortex Generator Kit on all applicable surfaces

5) Full Hinge Forward Pilot Seat provides a large cargo loading opening. Passenger Seat seat back hinges forward.

6) Dual Front Seat Shoulder Harness

7) Full Rear Seat with single lap belt

8) LED Landing and Taxi Lights

9) Wingtip Strobes

10) Vertical Stabilizer Strobe

11) Dual Canopy Hold-Open Springs

12) Dual Chrome Bow Cleats

13) Airman Renegade High Capacity Fuel Filter

14) Manual Bilge Pump added to floor in front of Pilot Seat, hand pump included



1) ICOM IC 200 Digital VHF

2) Garmin GTR225 VHF w/ 2 Place Front Intercom

3) Sigtronix SPA-400 Intercom with three rear seat plugs

4) Garmin Aera 500 GPS with Yoke Mount

5) Terra VOR Head

6) Nav 122 VOR Head

7) King ADF

8) NARCO AT165 Mode C Transponder

9) JPI Digital Fuel Flow Monitor

10) Electronics International EGT Display

11) OAT Display

12) Brittain Accu-Trak 2 Axis Autopilot tracks either VOR Head

13) Thumb Plate PTT on both Yokes



1) Blue and White, factory paint, easy 8 out of 10.

2) Sheet Metal is excellent on this aircraft.

3) Graphics are excellent

4) Black Anti-Slip Deck Treading renewed and in excellent condition.

Note: Aircraft always stored in a heated hangar when not being flown.



1) Grey/Blue Fabric Seat Panels with Light Blue Vinyl side panels, factory, well kept and clean, 8 out of 10

2) Carpet is matching Blue, appears factory, well kept and clean, 8 out of 10



Consistently Lake Central maintained. No expense spared. If it needs it, it gets it!

CRITICAL SAFETY NOTE: The Aileron Torque Tubes on C-GIUL have been replaced with LCAS PMA Heavy Duty, Anti-Corrosion Coated Torque Tubes. New Torque Tube Boots were also installed using new hardware and everything was waterproofed.

BACKGROUND: While there is provision in the Lake Maintenance Manual for a 500 Hour Inspection on these tubes, we are getting far too many airplanes in for service that clearly have never been inspected. We are finding original factory tubes that are completely rotten with corrosion. We have plenty of samples of removed tubes to show you. There is no strength left in these tubes and a sudden jar from rough air or rough water could snap them off.

We can not state strongly enough that these Torque Tubes MUST be inspected thoroughly on a regular basis, and much more often than the 500 Hours set out in the Maintenance Manual. If an Aileron Torque Tube fails in flight, control of the aircraft will be lost with potentially fatal consequences. Don’t take a chance, be sure yours are inspected and replaced as required. Don’t purchase a Lake Aircraft that does not have clear and supporting proof that these inspections have been completed and no corrosion was found. Otherwise, don’t even get in that airplane until those Aileron Torque Tubes are replaced!


1) LCAS Engine Cover

2) LCAS Canopy Cover

3) 2 X Aviation Life Vests with Pressure Autofill

4) Compact Paddles


This Buccaneer has been a long-time favourite at Lake Central, as has its Owner, who is very much a hands-on pilot who wants to know his aircraft inside and out! It is a pretty Buccaneer that has always been well kept and gently flown. IUL has always been kept in a private, heated hangar where it is regularly cleaned and polished to look its best!

IUL is a serious long-range travelling aircraft, having gone on some exciting journeys into the backcountry of Northern Canada. She awaits her next assignment with you at the controls!

This Buccaneer has had a great life and the best of ongoing maintenance. This is a No Excuses airplane.

If you are serious about enjoying the Lake Lifestyle and seeing the world from your own Lake Buccaneer, C-GIUL is simply as good and solid as they come.

Great condition, clean, tight, very well-maintained Buccaneers like this are in extremely short supply. Don’t hesitate or you will regret it!


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